Build Yourself One Step at a Time


In a world that’s constantly telling us we should stay busy, booked and burdened by every demand thrown at us, we find ourselves moving before we know exactly where we’re going. While I promote and support productivity, it’s far from powerful if it isn’t purposeful.

Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the rat race in order to get real results. While others are thriving in their entrepreneurship, it may be time for you to sit down and develop a detailed business plan. With the help of social media, you can’t open an app without seeing another proposal or pregnancy but spending more time learning and loving yourself before adding a partner or children to the picture could be the most fulfilling decision in this season of your life so that you can foster new relationships from a healthy and whole place. Watching friends excel and accomplish their own personal goals shouldn’t make you question your ability to do the same. You are enough and you’ve been given exactly what you need to succeed on this journey. If downsizing to save money, turning away from jobs that you’re no longer passionate about, letting go of people who bring more harm than good and cutting away bad habits to create a clearer path of peace puts you on the right track to a better life, DO IT!

Stop comparing yourself to the joggers and sprinters. You’ll get there one day but if today means another long walk and extended periods of rest, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Take the time to recharge and reawaken your deepest desires without rushing through the process. It’s hard to execute your dreams when you’re drained so learn to put your energy where it’s most beneficial, even if the next silver lining after another big storm comes a little bit slower than you were hoping. When you gain the courage to be the author of your own story, you’ll no longer care to compare your chapter with others because you’ll have your own amazing ending to look forward to. Pick up the pen and begin again.