Breaking Rest


It’s the start of a new season for some winter is over and for others it’s the end of summer. Normally we are tempted to remain in winter: sleeping-in, exercising less, consuming all the sweet hot foods we love and for those who just got out of summer there is a temptation for ‘perpetual vacationing’: “take one more day off” or “go out every night”.

It may not be a change of season that is your problem but the achievement of a goal, you’ve set this goal and you’ve achieved it, now you are just there and you’ve made it, right?

Or you have been hitting too many dead ends that you ended up hiding in your comfort zone, setting goals that are so small you don’t even see your own potential or believe in it that once you reach those goals you think that you have arrived. Even though you know it in your gut that you can do better, you just don’t .This is what I call laziness or as Bebe Angel puts it “the unnecessary urge to rest”: you know you can do it but you just don’t.

This urge may be driven by fear or self-doubt or you find it hard to see past a certain level and its normal, but you should never let your current level dictate your limits.

It may be tough to hear me now because you have achieved your goal and you are tired or you just want to sleep, sleep and sleep and you think you have overworked yourself, but ever wonder what it would be like to achieve a goal bigger than your current achievement. Ever wonder what it would be like if all your childhood dreams became a reality? This is a sign that you still have more to get and to give.

Instead of celebrating and manifesting with an ‘I can’t do anymore’ mentality let this wonder be your compass, like most fitness enthusiasts say: “Rest when you are done”. When you are done doing you, done smashing goals and stretching yourself to infinity. Don’t be your own limitation.

I had always thought that I couldn’t do certain things, that at my age I needed both my parents in my life to help me in everything and this had resulted in lot of inactivity(rest) on my part. When reality struck I noticed that it was laziness speaking.

What I am trying to say is, it doesn’t matter if you want to sleep or stay awake, just don’t sleep on your DREAMS it’s too expensive to do that.

For 3 weeks of winter vacation I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have wanted to but every day I had to force myself to get excited about the activities of that day until I was genuinely excited. I woke up and went out and learnt a skill or two, I listened to those around me and I discovered that I can and will improve myself, I stretched myself, I usually had this “unnecessary urge to rest” because I was at home and it was easy to just let go of the consistency that I had mastered in school.

My father taught me that very wealthy people work hard and pray even harder and that an attitude of humility can open many doors for you, I beat laziness and boredom by just listening to my peers who are hard workers when they asked me to help them with a business task or two.

What I am trying to say is, it doesn’t matter if you want to sleep or stay awake, just don’t sleep on your DREAMS it’s too expensive to do that. Rest but don’t overdo it, because time is a commodity that we can never get back.