Being the Beauty and the Beast


“Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Lyrics from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast.

I have a confession.  As an adult, I still love Disney movies. I love the music and characters. After the sometimes-crazy plot twists, you cannot help but love the good vibes that always come at the end of the movie.  While intended for a younger audience, these films are jam packed with great messages. Disney gets pretty deep.

As I sat on my sofa with my God daughter engrossed in the current version of Beauty and the Beast, I was pleasantly surprised by the messages that spoke to me about some of the things it takes to be a great girl boss.  We female hustlers have to be the beauty and the beast. Let me explain.

The inner beauty we should possess starts with the right attitude and mindset. Our attitude should be one of our best assets. There is something captivating about a good heart, positive outlook, confidence, and tenacity. A mindset that carries innovation, creativity, and a readiness to conquer a mountain is also fascinating. Don’t fret if you are not there yet. There are many resources out there to help you intentionally learn and cultivate those skills.

Although it should not be the case, people do judge books by their covers. Our outer beauty matters. It is all in how we carry ourselves. Let’s put your best foot (and shoe) forward, swipe on our favorite lip-stick (if that’s your cup of tea), and rock our best hair do. Then celebrate and share our unique style with the world.  

When the inner beauty matches the outer beauty, great things can happen. There is something special when style meets substance, but there is more to it than just being cute. We must do the work.

Female hustlers, we must be beasts about our goals and our grind. Setting goals (daily, short –term, & long term) is a sure way to seeing movement in our lives, relationships, and businesses. In order to meet these goals, prioritizing, purposeful planning, and focus are must haves. Using all of these to fuel your grind is a winning combination to see your goals, visions, and dreams manifest.

As you go about conquering your goals, don’t forget it’s ok to be the beauty and the beast.