Be Unsure And Afraid But Get It Done


“I’m getting myself prepared.” “I’m waiting on the right time.” “I just need another year.” “I’m so afraid.” “I’m just not ready.” These are all the things plus more that I told myself when I was preparing to become a full-time entrepreneur. I stayed at my full-time job because I had job security, a steady paycheck, benefits and most importantly, I was comfortable. I was also miserable. As much as I loved what I did to help others, my heart wasn’t in it. Yet, I stayed… and stayed… and stayed.

When I finally left my 40 plus hour per week job to pursue my business, I accepted TWO part time jobs. I was back working 40 hours per week because it made me feel comfortable. Yet, I still wasn’t happy. I was giving my own business a few hours per week and dedicating my time and energy in places that did not benefit me or my brand. Hear me when I say, it wasn’t working. One day I woke up and realized I just had to do it afraid. I wasn’t ready at all. I didn’t have the amount money saved I felt I needed to be secure. I didn’t have many clients or contracts to bring in the income I wanted to be secure. In that moment, however, none of that seemed to matter. I just knew that I had to take the leap, even as afraid and unsure as I was. So, I did it, and I HAVE looked back several times since.

I know that was not what many were expecting but my truth is, I have questioned myself several times on this small business/entrepreneur journey. Some days I feel like it was the absolute best decision I could’ve made for myself, my business and my brand. Other days, I feel like applying for full time jobs and working my own business in my spare time. I get scared, I get uncomfortable, I feel like I’m not where I need to be. Many days, I’m afraid I’ll run out of my savings, I’ll lose my clients, I won’t gain any new clients or contracts and my business will fail. I realize, however, that’s just par for the course. The fear, the regrets, the what ifs are all normal, and in my opinion necessary for growth and success.

I used to think that questioning my place in the world of entrepreneurs meant I lacked faith, drive and ambition. Maybe I’m really not cut out for the life of a small business owner. How wrong I am! Every single time I question myself, I am reminded I am right where I need to be and doing exactly what I should be. This journey is scary and many days, I’m extremely uncomfortable. Daily I wonder if a client will pay on time, if a potential client will agree to the costs of my services or if the jobs I pitched for will hire me.  It’s not easy living in limbo some days and wondering if things will work out but for me, it’s worth it. As I write this article, I’m smiling because my heart is happy.

I encourage you today to move forward with your dreams, goals and aspirations. I know it’s scary, I know you’re unsure, I know you’re afraid, but that’s ok. Be all those things but do me a favor and GET IT DONE. As unsure, afraid and uncomfortable as I am many days, I’m so glad I took the leap. I’m so glad I did it. I’m so glad I’m getting it done!