Badasses and Fear


A badass knows fear, and in fact may be fearful of everything and anything. This bear repeating.

A badass knows fear, and in fact may likely be fearful of everything and anything.

To this a lot of you may then ask, "but I thought a badass isn't scared of anything? That's what makes them badasses!"

Unless you are a psychopath, all human beings are capable and indeed are fearful of something.

So what makes a badass different from the rest of the masses then? To clarify, everyone has the potential to be a badass. It's like an untapped source of strength and power, a source that is oftentimes only accessed during situations in which we've had enough.

A badass is fearful, but does not allow that fear to limit them. Rather, they are aware of the fear and consciously choose to move forward, to move passed it. The struggle and resulting discipline of deciding and acting in accordance is what makes a badass, a badass.

Pretend that you are watching yourself interact with others from a distance. You can see the expressions on your face, the way your body reacts in congruity to those expressions and what others say and do. Would you say that you are limiting yourself? Does it look like you are holding yourself back from saying or doing certain things?

This is what is meant by being fearful to express your natural reactions to circumstances and to people. This does not mean that you are walking around with a 'No Filter,' unless of course it's an infiltering of kindness and honesty. It does mean that if you have a dry, sarcastic sense of humour, or are blunt and straightforward personality, that you don't shy away from such characteristics in which you are naturally inclined towards.

Are you struggling to find ways to move past this fear? Here's what I want you to do.

Say "Yes!" to everything that interests you. We remain in our comfort zone, due to safety and security. We do not remain in our comfort zone because we are engaging in what emboldens and livens us. I challenge you to examine what it is that you do, when you are 'comfortable' or what you would consider to be your comfort zone, and I can absolutely guarantee that such a zone does not contain activities and interests that spark your passion plug. When you do begin to engage, begin to interact, begin to enjoy and feel challenged, not only will your true self shine, but your fears will also be provoked, because you are engaging in things that are different than what you are used to. That engages the fear. On to the next step.

Take your fears seriously. When you feel that niggling sense of doubt, that familiar sense of discomfort and delving into the unfamiliar, do not brush them away or disregard them. Aggressively investigate those fears, pick them apart for analysis. Awareness is the key and first step towards all paths of clarity, acknowledgement and success.

Rebuke and reform. This will not stop them from popping up again, and again, and again. However, continue to rebuke them, and (brace yourself, mantras come in here) have statement ready for yourself that not only contradicts what those fears are telling you, but also reforms that narrative into a different one, one that empowers you and gives you life.

Fully expect those fears to arise time and time again. However, it is hard to maintain a story that is not based on substance, on truth. Create a truth statement that challenges those fears, and eventually they will crumble. Challenge and conquer, and I know that you will succeed in overcoming your fears like a badass.

Stay gorgeous my fellow badasses!