7 tips to kill it in life


Hi babe, let’s step into the motion of reality for a moment. Oh, but what is reality?

What if I told you that anything you can imagine is real – well in truth this was eloquently stated by Picasso but to get straight to the point, this ancient truth is more “truer” now than ever before. Scary or exciting?

To me, this has become a great tool. The power of our own imagination is found within us all, and truthfully, I pity those who don’t believe it.

We live in the century of limitless creation; a world of endless possibilities where the word can’t is no longer valued as a way to reason for things unaccomplished. “Can’t” is an excuse.

For those of us blessed enough to walk this earth in such a time, one thing is clear – no excuses are allowed to co-exist and outdo our beautiful life experience.

There is a universal truth. We all have a choice. A choice to sit on the side lines and watch the world move along without us, playing by rules and hoping we will get by unnoticed or the choice to catch the wave and evolve our lives in a way which accommodates our inner, most sought out desires and to break the rules of ancient dictionaries and create for ourselves a realm. - A new reality.

Because frankly- yes, in today’s world, anything is possible.

Today, I will serve as a reminder to your greatest strength. Today is the day you can make a choice; to choose yourself, to choose your life, your career, your entire life experience. – And, no darling it isn’t selfish because all guilt aside, this is your life. You hold the key.  Do you dare to enter? Do you dare to dream your wildest dream and be willing to whole heartedly work for it? To stand tall by your vision and allow nobody to tell you, you can’t do it?

One step at a time, one consistent move- at a time, working each day towards your vision will serve  you a life of purpose.

So I welcome you to step into greatness, your time is now.

On a quest to guide you, I have compiled a list that has worked and continues to serve my own life because the truth is that greatness takes genuine effort, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

I. Create clarity for yourself

First, understand your why. Become clear on your intention. Know what your aim is and use the power of visualization. Begin today.

II. Make a decision

Declare your intention to the Universe. State your decision with good, pure intent for your vision. Breathe in, and allow your voice to be heard from a place of love.

III. Create your own, unique strategy

Create a step by step plan for your goal and review it weekly. Things will change along the way. Allow yourself the chance to dream bigger, to edit your plan as you see fit with each new move.

IV. Believe in yourself when no-one else does

Believe in your own dream. Allow not for anyone to state your dream is too wild. People only see as far as their own vision babe.

V. Say no to distractions

In a world filled with latest updates, keeping your focus on your own goals takes a strong will. This takes me to the next step.

VI. Allow discipline to enter your life

Imagine you are your own trainer, your own accountant. You have the power to hold yourself accountable for all actions with the right discipline in place. Do this, by creating “a must do every day” list and begin to follow it starting each morning. Discipline takes effort but the payoff is a fulfilled life.

VII. Feel it, see it, and breathe it

Our minds are powerful tools if used wisely. We have the ability to trick our brains into imagining our dreams have already come true. The brain knows no difference between the imagination and your current physical reality. It only knows what it is fed. Feed it the taste of achieved success.