7 reasons why people give up on their goals


Giving up is easy. You make a decision to do it. You start, get discouraged, try again, and get discouraged again. Then, you give up. Many of you can relate to this scenario. A lot of times, we get so overwhelmed by the discouragement cycle that we just quit. Why do we give up? Don’t we have willpower? Well… that just may not be enough.

1. Not being willing to burn the ship.
If you are semi-ok with being average and even 10% ok with being in your comfort zone, don’t even bother. The minute things start becoming “in-your-face-unbearable” – the fight is over. If you give yourself 1% chance of jumping back on the ship, you will take it. Always.

2. Lack of long-term vision.
We live in a society where microwaves, fast food, high-speed Internet delivery and
drive-through restaurants deliver results instantaneously. Dreams and big goals are nothing like that. They require long-term commitment. You are not looking to date your goal causally, but to retire with it!

3. Knowing WHY you do, and not WHAT you do.
When you work on something, you create a map, a pathway to get there. However, you must know the true reason behind you goal. Your true motivation maybe something too personal to share with your peers, but internally you can never lose track of it.

4. Stopping right before the finish line.
Often, momentum comes early in the game. As you are working towards you goal, there will be high points, no doubt. There will be right people coming in at the right time with great ideas. Those times are the most dangerous because once you ‘feel good’, you can stop just before you hit the finish line and never make it all together.

5. Listening to your associations.
To paraphrase a famous saying: first they mock you, then they hate you, then they laugh at you, then they idolize you. Yet, if you don’t withstand the opinions and the suggestions with stamina, you can quickly lose track of ‘Why’ you started your journey in the first place. Remember, it’s easy to follow the crowd.

6. Feeding into your emotions.
I remember my business coach telling me this early on in my career, “You can’t get emotional about your business. Build it first and get emotional when you get to the bank!” Emotions are great, but when not controlled properly, can quickly skew your vision.

7. Stop learning.
Once you taste a little bit of success, the major mistake, that can cost you big goals, is to stop growing. New ideas, people, shortcuts are always available to those who seek them. Hence, the minute you decide you know it all, you die living.

So how do you get out of this pit of borderline depression? You must continue
problem solving even if it’s at the slowest rate possible. Remember, imperfect action is always better than no action. Plus, you never know when something you try might work. You should also change your thoughts, as it’s very easy to get sucked into “no-can’t-do- it” attitude. And then, there is good old perseverance since you are the only one that can keep your idea – business – life moving.
So just keep at it!