5 Tips To Find Your Authentic Self

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In a day and age where we honestly have an abundant number of distractions, finding your Centre, or otherwise your authentic self becomes extremely difficult. For most of you, you may not even know what your authentic self is. When I am referring to finding your authentic self, I mean your best self. Your most honest, expressive self. Your happy self. You may be earning millions, but unless you are finding that happy balance, or able to retain your authenticity, you won’t be feeling complete. This is because ultimately, (as studies have shown) the happiest people are not those with the most money.

Here are 4 very useful ways in which you can attain authenticity, and find happiness within yourself:

1. Decide what you value

By what you value, I mean what you care about. The standards by which you live your life. The boundaries which are right for you. What your dreams are, and if your actions are in alignment with those values, in order to attain those dreams. This helps give you a clear strategy of what you need to do or the way you need to be, in order to get on the right path for you and your dreams. The things that you value for example, are you giving time to? If not, why not? Once you declare your values to yourself, the process of acting in align with them becomes easier. It becomes easier because you are more self-aware of these values. Like Napoleon Hill, stressed in “Think and Grow Rich,” the more precise and clear you are about goals, and the more detailed you are, the better. I think the same applies to your values, in making you a more authentic individual.

2. Stay open minded

When you’re open, you make yourself available for opportunities. You “Let go,” a lot more. This vulnerability is endearing and leaves you closer to being your authentic self. At this point, you are more likely to attract what you desire because you are open to manifesting, and open to the universe responding to these positive manifestations. Do you wonder why sometimes things just fall into place and work out? Well it’s not really coincidence. More than that, it is because you allow something much more powerful to take over, and the universe can sense this energy. You are more likely than in this space to attract the right people, and the right connections.

3. Learn to be self-aware

Recognize the moments when you are lying and stepping out of authenticity. Not for anyone else, but doing this for yourself can lead to a number of revelations. Self-awareness in itself, allows you to be more authentic with who you are. Understanding that yes you may be saying something to be diplomatic at one point, but the fact you know how you feel is extremely important.

4. Work on your intuition and gut feelings

If you feel strongly about something, do not just ignore it, but contemplate the decision. I am not saying do not take risks. Sometimes taking a risk can really pay off. However does your gut support you in that risk? If so then by all means take the chance. If you fail, at least you tried. And more failure means a stepping stone in the direction you want to go. It does not always mean a loss, but a learning process. However figuring out your intuition and gut feeling requires some practice. You need to be able to listen, and center yourself, which ties into my first point of setting values. The more clear you are about your values, the more in tune you will become with that gut feeling.

Although this list seems rather simple, it takes some practice to really understand yourself. Giving yourself time to develop self-awareness is crucial to becoming more authentic, and the best version you can be for yourself and others.