5 Things Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals


Sometimes habits creep up on you and though they were just there to visit, they end up staying as uninvited guests. On the other hand sometimes they are invited! Get rid of these suckers which stop you from achieving.

1. High expectations
Don’t forget it takes time to be successful. It takes time to see results. Setting goals are great, but sometimes our expectations get the better of us. Hence the saying, you can be your own enemy, if you are not careful.  Take the pressure off, because it won’t happen overnight. The goal is for success to be sustainable, and if it can be anything close to that, it will take time. Just like succeeding on a new diet plan! ☺ We are in a culture of now, now, now, fast, fast, faster, but that equals to failure, and not necessarily the good kind!

2. You are just dreaming about it and not doing!
How are you going to execute the goal or the plan? Do you have potential strategies in place? Are you attempting to execute those plans? In excitement we sometimes think up these lavish ideas, but once the excitement wears off, are you going to persevere? Frustration is not something which will go. Conflict will always exist. (If you have not read my article on Conflict not being a curse, read it here: http://anisabutt.com/conflict-is-not-a-curse/) The idea is how to get past it with perseverance and succeed.

3. Do not wait for things to inspire you, or for inspiration to happen, go do!
I don’t think this even needs an explanation, but so many of us just sit and wait around, and more specifically procrastinate. If procrastinating is getting you closer to your goal or teaching you something valuable, fair enough, otherwise ditch it!

4. Lack of self-belief
This is one of those silent enemies which creep up on you. Perhaps it is coming from the voices around you. Block out the naysayers and negative mindsets. You need to be able to motivate YOU. If you don’t believe in yourself than who will?

5. Mrs./MS/Mr. know it all
Hey, we all get into situations where we think we are most qualified to share an opinion, or tell others what to do and not to do. However there is always, ALWAYS, space to grow and learn more. Do not let over confidence slip into arrogance. Stay open to receiving and learning from others. You can always learn more. Be receptive and respectful to taking away new knowledge from unexpected situations or sources.