3 Work-Life Integration strategies


There are many valid reasons why mastering work-life integration is so essential right now for women entrepreneurs. With the constant infusion of new technology and social media, the demands of your business is greater because now it never sleeps, plus businesses like yours are trying to do more with fewer resources. It’s time for you to let go of trying to find work-life balance and embrace work-life integration.

Work-life integration lets you integrate your professional and personal life so they work together in a way that satisfies the demands of both. It removes the stress of trying to equalize the time spent on your personal life and the time spent at your business.

A successfully implemented work-life integration strategy can:

Improve Your Overall Health
By integrating your personal and professional life you give yourself the flexibility to shift your priorities around which can reduce stress and prevent burnout. Work-life integration requires advance planning in order for it to be effective. But if you manage your time properly, you can schedule downtime into your calendar every day. Creating a daily practice of yoga, taking a walk, listening to music, or a quick call to a friend is a great way to recharge.

Strengthen Your Relationships
For work-life integration to work, you need to communicate your plan to your family and friends (your support system) because it impacts them as well. If your business is not a typical “work ends at 5 p.m.”, then you need to be honest with your support system, so they don’t feel ignored or underappreciated if you have to interrupt your time with them by taking a call or doing another work related task. Work with your support system to map out your priorities and proactively set boundaries. Work-life integration should not mean that work is all consuming and that you won’t have time or energy for your friends and family.

Positively Impact Your Work Performance
Women entrepreneurs who successfully implement a successful work-life integration strategy improve their sense of fulfilment at work and at home. Work-life integration allows you the flexibility to work anywhere and anytime. With work-life integration you can change your surroundings by working outside of the office which can boost your productivity as well as your creativity.