3 Ways To Become A Happier Person


I'm really excited to share this because what I'm about to tell you has made all the difference to me on this journey of growth and business, and probably also because there's a large Pepperoni pizza in front of me! Okay well it's not exactly in front of me, it's on my desktop and I decided to type with my phone so I can see it. Yes, I love pizza that much.

So I was saying, gratitude is the amazing game changer that transformed my life when I started practicing it the right way on a daily basis. Practicing gratitude has made me a happier person and more present, mindful. It has made me feel more fulfilled in life, and I feel really humbled and blessed that I have what I have now, as I worked to get what I want. It has also improved my self-love tremendously and I've find out that I get more of the things I'm grateful for. It's changed my perspective and my life seems fuller and much more abundant. It's ah-may-zing!! I could go on and on but I'm not really a fan of going deep on benefits of gratitude because I believe it's more beneficial when you're not so keen on what you'll get out of it. You get me?

You might be wondering, "yeah okay, but I don't have a lot of things or a fabulous lifestyle". If this is you, no worries my friend, you don't need all that to be grateful. It's the simple little things in life. You're reading this. That means you're a part of the people in this earth who have had access to some sort of education. You have access to the internet. You live in the era where technology seems to be hitting peak. You're alive. You can see, hear, taste, feel, smell, walk or at least one of these. You're not in the emergency room. See! You're living an abundant life! Plus I told you gratitude is not hard, and it's fun because it feels so good:)

Here are the three game changers that changed my gratitude practice and brought me better results.

1. Gratitude journaling
You probably guessed this one right. A gratitude journal is a wonderful and highly effective gratitude tool. If you're new to this concept, gratitude journal is basically a book in which you write about things you're grateful for in different aspects of your life. It's fun to keep. I recommend that you do it every morning, find a book that is visually appealing to you, affordable, has enough pages (at least thirty) and is not bulky. This makes it easier for you to write in it often and also makes you look forwards it as you make it a habit. Get creative with it. Use different color pens, make some art or whatever you makes you feel good. The most important thing is that you write at least five things a day that you're grateful for. At first, I wrote things like;
"I'm grateful for the amazing person reading this:)" (Because for real, I am)
:I'm grateful for my house."
"I'm grateful for my career."
"I'm grateful for my mum."
"I'm grateful for my sisters"
While this may seem okay, it's not as effective as choosing one thing, writing specifically what you're grateful for about it and taking a few minutes to really feel that gratitude on the inside. Five minutes is mighty fine. You can write  something like this;
"I grateful for my career.
I'm grateful that it is location independent and allows me to work from anywhere.
I love the freedom that comes with it and being able to choose my own my own schedule and having lots of time on my hands.
I am grateful now that I am financially independent and secure.
It's amazing to get paid to do what I love and I'm uber grateful for that!"
See the difference? It's like eating pizza- or your favorite meal- you could just hurry through it, or take your time to savour it. Either ways, you'll finish the meal, but that latter way make you feel incredible! (That kinda rhymed:D )

2. Gratitude item
I've mentioned before that I once had a stunning necklace that I loved so so much I cannot even tell you how much. The thing is I realised that I kept touching this necklace a lot and I decided to say something I'm grateful for every time I touched it. I would say, "I'm grateful for..." Also, whenever I touched it when I was free, in bed or in the shower I would take a moment to remember something that made me happy in detail so I felt that joy again before I said I was grateful for it. It is a beautiful thing. It has the power to change my mood and make me unable to stop smiling sometimes. I've been asked so many times why I'm smiling in certain situations; like when the traffic is awful and everyone in the vehicle so stressed out. I've also found that the smiling makes me more approachable. Being in a good mood often raises your vibe/ energy and makes you fun to be around, it's also almost impossible for someone to be mean to you when you're smiling or carrying an aura of happiness. If they are, you'll be too happy to be affected or even notice!

3. Make gratitude a game
Gratitude doesn't have to be a chore. Find fun ways of practicing it everyday. You could do a gratitude challenge  with your friends where you decide on a number of things to be grateful for, for a certain days. For example, each of you will say 30 things you're grateful for everyday for thirty days. You can choose to type it in a group chat, or have a conference call where each person has to say one thing they're grateful for in 30 seconds. (specific thing) One after the other. When on the turn of a person, he or she is unable to think of something, he or she will buy all the players a treat. You can do this in person as well. Get creative with it.
One of my friends asks me almost everyday to send him a voice note of how my day went knowing very well I can't send a entire voice note saying "my day was cool". Having to talk about the details of my day makes me realise all the things I learnt and all the good things that happened. So yeah, definitely give this a try too. Talk about your day, and try to find all the good things that went on in it that you probably overlooked. Have fun with it and you'll see truly astonishing results.

I challenge you to do a gratitude challenge starting when you're done reading this! Go go go! It's your turn to tell me five 5 you're grateful for in the comment section below, then nominate one person to read this and comment. Go go go!  If you've practised gratitude for some time, I'd love to know how it has impacted you!