3 Steps to Increase your Confidence


1. I have recently been reading a multitude of different books, and came across Gary Keller, the author of a book called ‘The one thing.’ Keller speaks about focusing on one thing at a time, as opposed to multi-tasking, which today’s culture often demands, as well as celebrates, (Just like we celebrate lack of sleep!...fail!). More precisely, Keller encourages us to learn from our actions as we go along. For example if our job requires us to make sales, after making that sale, ask yourself what is the one thing which closed the deal. What was the one thing that could have been better? What did you learn from this experience specifically? This is despite the fact the exchange of dialogue may have not resulted in a sale. By being able to review your actions with an open mind, and self- criticize constructively, because your making yourself better essentially, (homework!) it will result in a more confident you.

2. Self-talk! I have spoken on this numerous times on a current live streaming platform (swoo), because of its endless benefits. Even the most genius of people may appear mad at times, and that is perfectly fine. If you train yourself to think positive, with your own personal positive affirmations, you may not see the results immediately, but trust me it helps. Like anything, it takes time. You need to be patient. And since we aren’t used to being patient much anymore, (statistics show our attention spans have really decreased!) this isn’t for a person looking for a “quick fix.” Sorry girls and boys, there is no such thing. When things go a bit pear shaped, self-talk is what keeps me sane. Self-talk keeps you in the game. Learn to be your best confidante.

3. Last but not least. It is in acts of repetition, by doing this repeatedly that one gets results. Malcolm Gladwell in ‘Blink,’ speaks about studies which show that successful people, in a range of professions, get successful because they have been doing that same thing for ten years minimum. By repeating my number one and number two, you already place yourself in a space of learning. In a space of having a growth mindset, which is invaluable. The more you learn, the more the information in engraved, resulting in? You guessed it …more confidence! Oprah said success is when luck meets opportunity, so don’t just sit around waiting for luck to happen, make it happen!