3 Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Elle Woods


Yes, you read that right, Elle Woods. Like from Legally Blonde. If you haven’t saw Legally Blonde, here’s a quick summary. Elle Woods was awaiting the proposal of her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III. Warner decided to break up with Elle instead of proposing because he didn’t think she was serious about her future. Elle decided to apply to Harvard Law to follow Warner and win him back. She was admitted but once she got to Harvard Law things changed. Warner was engaged to Vivian Kensington. Then, after seeing Warner at a Halloween party and Warner diminishing Elle’s admission into Harvard Law and telling her she would never receive a coveted spot for an internship with Professor Callahan’s law firm, she realized she would never be good enough for Warner. So, she put all her blood, sweat and tears into her classes to qualify for the internship and she did just that: she got the internship.

The first case was one of Elle’s sorority sisters, Brooke Windham, accused of murdering her husband. Elle was an essential part of the case. By the end of the movie, Elle found out that she only received the internship because Professor Callahan thought she was a good looking woman and hit on her, which made her quit. Brooke fired Callahan, hired Elle as her attorney with Callahan’s junior partner, Emmett, as her co-counsel. Elle won the case, became friends with Vivian after she broke up with Warner, graduated Summa Cum Laude, gave the graduation speech and got engaged that night to Emmett.

The movie was funny but I never really paid attention to how it relates to everyday life until the last time I watched it (literally this week Wednesday). Here are a few relatable life lessons from Elle Woods.


1. Trust your instincts

During the movie, Elle had many opportunities to question herself but instead she trusted her own instincts. She was given the option of telling Brooke’s secret that would’ve been an easy win for the team, but instead she focused on other ways to help find her not guilty. Even at the end of the movie during court, after she almost quit law school when she was hit on by Professor Callahan, she used her instincts to have all charges dropped for Brooke.

It’s easy to second guess yourself and question if you’re making the right decisions. The hard part is trusting your instincts and believing that you are making the right decision that is best for you. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have received negative feedback from several people, unable to believe I could actually make it on my own. I began to accept that feedback as my future until my closest friends and family reminded me of my gifts, talents and dreams. Never allow other people’s thoughts for your future be your final decision. Trust your instincts and run with your dreams.


2. Step out your comfort zone

Elle’s degree was in fashion design and she was the president of her sorority. That was her focus at the beginning of the movie. She knew, however, that if she wanted Warner back and if she wanted more for herself, she had to do things she’d never done or thought she would do. She applied and was accepted into Harvard Law School, she landed an internship that was extremely competitive and she became Summa Cum Laude of her graduating class.

For me, my comfort zone keeps me secure. I have a better understanding of what is happening next and what my next move should be. It’s when I’m forced out of my comfort zone and feeling uncomfortable that I know I’m being elevated to the next level. It’s easy and sometimes uncomplicated to remain in your comfort zone but your elevation will require you to be uncomfortable and do things differently to advance in your business or career.


3. Do what makes you happy and live your life

What I loved about Elle Woods was she did what she wanted, how she wanted and what made her happy.  Of course, there should be boundaries and limitations set but I must admit, I enjoyed watching her live her life without limitations and being comfortable in her skin. As a small business owner, I tend to be so focused on the business that I forget to take time to do things that make me happy and enjoy my successful milestones. Success is important to many of us and staying on task is one of the steps to success. It is still important to take time for yourself and have some fun. Live your life. Do things that make you happy. Shop, go to happy hour, cook a new meal, go dancing, read that book. Whatever it is, do it!

I’m sure if you watched the movie or once you do watch it, you’ll find even more life lessons from Elle Woods… at least I hope you will. Either way, this week I encourage you to trust your instincts, step out of you comfort zone, do what makes you happy and live your life!  You never know, you might end up giving the speech at your Harvard Law graduation… or something similar!