3 Corporate Practices Every Entrepreneur Needs to Remember


Taking the leap from employee to entrepreneur comes with a huge shift in mindset, but there are some things that are table stakes in the corporate world that are often forgotten when you become your own boss.

It’s so easy to get totally swept away in all the ‘doing’ that comes with starting and running a business, but reintroducing these simple things can help you claim a little more balance (and sanity) back in your business.


Out of Office

It’s oh so simple, but it’s something so many entrepreneurs seem to forget - when you’re out of the office, for the day or when you go away on holidays, there is an incredible thing called an out of office auto-responder.

This wonderful technology allows you to automatically inform anyone who tries to reach you via email that you are unavailable for a certain period of time and that can can expect to hear back from you after that.

Amazing, right?!?

No need to be checking emails every two minutes while you’re at a BBQ or sunning yourself on a tropical beach.


Happy staff are more productive

When you are your own boss, and especially if you’re a staff of one, it’s really easy to forget to invest in morale boosting activity.

But being an entrepreneur or solopreneur makes it even more important to keep your morale high so you’ve got the energy and enthusiasm to stick at the million-and-one things on your to-do list.

A team building day for one could be a trip to a gallery, a bush walk, or it could look quite similar to a spa day (you and your ‘colleagues’ have plenty of time to brainstorm, plan and align whilst you’re having a massage and pedicure).

Taking time away from the office can feel like a loss of productivity, but the opposite it true. Investing in activities that will give you a boost, change your environment and allow the daily details to fall away in place of some bigger picture thinking and inspiration can help lift your energy and increase your output significantly.


You don’t have to have all the answers

Say, in your previous corporate life you were in the sales team. If you knew the business needed a new website you would never have dreamed of building it yourself, right? Ahh, no. That’s the territory of the development team or a specialist agency.

But in your own business you’re often head of development, user experience and front-end design, even if none of these are within your zone of genius.

Cue frustration and the potential to waste A LOT of time and energy.

It’s so easy to get caught up in ’having to do it all yourself’, but remember that there are people out there who are both proficient and far more efficient in all the areas that you’re not.

Sometimes the wasted time and effort of trying to DIY far outweighs what it would cost to outsource to an expert; and if outsourcing really isn’t in the budget, then it’s time to phone a friend or find a forum and ask for some guidance or advice.