My name is Jasmine Hillman. I was born and raised in Dallas, Tx. After graduating high school, I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Tx to obtain a Bacholors Degree in Early Childhood Education. My love for teaching has never left my heart but the classroom turned out to be a precursor for the work and passion I would have towards my community. I've since worked for various non-profit organizations filling the gaps by servicing those who are in need, whether it's giving children the right resources and tools to succeed personally, professionally and academically, helping women and their families build a better life after a traumatizing experience with domestic violence or working with the police department to advocate for our young teenage girls who are victims of sex trafficking. I don't always like God's directions but no matter where He tells me to go, if it's just one life I can touch and change, I'm there. I'll always be there. Writing is a major part of me, my coffee in the morning, chocolate in the evening, the only earthly caffeine I need to keep me going next to my amazing support system and God. One day I'll become the motivational speaker I always dreamed of becoming and run the mentoring program I've always envisioned of having but right now, I just want to inspire you from my most vulnerable place. 

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