I was born and bought up in London, completing my graduation from Queen Mary University London. I graduated with a BA Drama (Performance).

Acting has always been my absolute passion from as long as i can remember. And i was a writer too, from as long as i can remember! Entering all my school competitions for creative stories, and to my surprise winning awards.

In the last few years I have been travelling a lot for work. An opportunity had opened in India, Mumbai, which I jumped for, and i have been in Mumbai, working on advertising and feature films mostly. The journey has been a roller-coaster truly, with heartache and tears, as well as beautiful moments.

So you may ask why i blog? Well writing has always been there, throughout my life. I have always had this love for quotations, my social media feeds are full of them. Somewhere more then anything i have wanted to make a difference, to inspire, to motivate and to leave people better then when i meet them. This platform for me is more then my stories, it’s your stories. And i hope somewhere you relate to the things i write about, and that i can help you on your journey as i continue on mine.

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